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Dylan R.



Guitar, Piano, Cello, Uke

Beginning his musical life near the end of his elementary school years, Dylan picked up the electric guitar around 9 years ago, and since then has not stopped expanding the skill-sets in music that he wants to obtain.  Currently, he also plays classical guitar, cello, piano, ukulele, along with also some drums and bass.  Back in his home state of Wisconsin, he competed in the WSMA Solo & Ensemble Competition for his last three years of high school with both classical guitar and cello as well.  From this, he earned the highest state scores possible for his performances on both instruments each year, and also an Exemplary Soloist Award for classical guitar.

Wanting to expand his musical knowledge into a future career, Dylan auditioned to get into the McNally Smith College of Music, and was accepted into the Bachelor’s Program for Guitar Performance.  Here, he is currently studying under teachers including Chris Olson, Tim Lyles, Joe Elliot, and Dr. Eva Beneke. As it was his goal to get his education from a contemporary music college like McNally in order to become a very diversely-skilled musician, Dylan enjoys studying there under his teachers in various styles including Rock, Blues, Jazz, Classical, Reggae, Funk, R&B, Folk, Afro-Latin, and Improv.  Along with studying guitar there, he has also studied cello from Thomas Rosenberg and some percussion skills from Dr. David Schmalenberger.

Before his time at McNally, Dylan enjoyed playing guitar and cello for the pit orchestras of his high school and community theater musicals, and has now also had the experience of playing in several ensembles in St. Paul. These include settings involving orchestras, percussion groups, the Improvestra run by Adam Conrad, as well as world music groups such as a Sephardic music ensemble.  In addition to having played in several church service opportunities on guitar and cello, he is currently a music theory tutor at McNally Smith too, and along with teaching instruments to people, enjoys teaching and helping students there understand the science that goes on behind the music we hear and play.

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